The Right Reception Desk for the Right Business

reception countersThe reception area is an integral part of your business. It welcomes the customers, clients, potential clients and even passers by who would one day think of availing the services you offer. Upon entering an establishment, what is the first thing you notice? Why the reception counters of course.

Many buildings, even modern ones, stick to the old 1990’s wooden style reception desks that can make the room look dated and gloomy. It demonstrates how little thought was put in the design and it makes an unwelcoming ambiance to your reception area. These days, a reception desk is more than a desk; it should reflect the style of your company. A traditional company will suit a traditional desk while modern company might choose a modern desk.


Designing a reception area should be well planned. The elements should match and take into consideration the space of the room, the clients and aesthetics.

In any situation regarding buying any furniture, you have to think about the size and space of the room first. In the case of reception desks, choose one that does not take up much or too little space. The desk should be the right size for the area and should leave enough room for chairs and other furnishings.

A reception desk should also appeal to the clients who avail your services. Think abut what the clients would like to see upon entering and find something they find pleasant.  It should give them the feeling like they would choose something like it and make them feel at home.

A reception area needs more than just a desk. It should have other pieces of furniture and decorative pieces to enhance the room. Make sure that the desk blends with everything in the room or makes it look good even without décor pieces. A reception desk should stand out on its own and still enhance the whole room. The desk serves not only to welcome clients when they sign in but also cater to their other needs.

Aside from functionality, the desk should be comfortable for the employees especially if the job requires them to handle with money, documents or precious belongings. The desk should have storage for packages and should provide distance between the visitor and receptionist. The desk can add to the security in handling delicate merchandise. The staff should be able to easily find things and receive packages from customers in an efficient and professional manner.

How to Do Office Partitioning

Office partitioningWhen an office owner starts out with a brand new office, the most basic design is either a square or rectangular shaped room. This may be considered as nice for a single person but the office owner will need to maximize the monthly rent. It may mean that the office owner will need to examine the shape and size of the room to determine the number of maximum people that can be allowed to occupy the space. This implies a need to partition the existing office into smaller cubicles or sections. The office partitioning can be done by either placing walls or doing furniture blocking.

The initial step to do an office partitioning is to first decide whether to use walls or use a cubicle type approach. The first method is only applicable if the office space is large enough to be partitioned. But the advantage of the second method is that it will make it easier for the office owner to determine whether the employees are working since the cubicle type method has a lower partition height. However, this is dependent on the partition design of the office space.

The most basic and cost effective way to partition an office is through the use of the office furniture. This is because there are numerous types and sizes of office furniture available in the market from credenzas to work stations and a hutch. The most basic space partitioning is to place the back of the office desk or cubicle against the wall so that the office manager can easily see the work being done. But there are alternative options when the need for privacy is needed by employees when doing their work, such as the preparation of payroll. Therefore, the office partitioning can be designed by making the employees face the middle of the room.

Office partitioning1

When this partition method is used, the back of the table or cubicle will be easily seen by other people.This may sometimes not be ideal for some designers since the back portion of a desk or cubicle is not professionally finished. The design flaw of the office furniture can be hidden through the construction of a semi-permanent partition, the height of which is determined by the office manager. However, either method or design is not mutually exclusive since the office designer can develop a custom partitioning depending on the purpose or need of the office manager or owner.

Benefits of height adjustable desks

Benefits of height adjustable desk1There was a study that reveals that people who spend their day mostly sitting have a much greater risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.  This is quite scary for people who spend their day in front of the television or computer and for those who doesn’t have a choice but to work behind a desk.  But there is a solution and it is as simple as ABC.  Aside from occasionally getting up and walking around to move those muscles, the very desk that you are working on can help you lower your risk of any heart problems.  So what is that?  It is the height adjustable desks.

  • It is better for the health

This is the biggest reason why you should switch to height adjustable desks.  Aside from lessening the risk that you will suffer from sitting around the whole day, you will also less likely to experience back or joint pain and muscle and neck stiffness.

  • It is better than fixed desk

Working on a fixed desk doesn’t give you any variation of working position.  The only way that you can alter your working height is by altering your chair height, which at best only gives you an inch or two of change.  But working with height adjustable desks is a different story.  It actually opens a lot of possibilities; you can either sit or stand.

  • You burn more calories

Studies indicated that a person who used a sitting desk burn about 970 calories in a week, while the same person burn 1260 calories when he switched to the height adjustable desks (  We all know that the more calories we burn, the healthier we are.

  1. It improves productivity

Sitting the whole day breeds boredom, low energy, and drowsiness.  By providing the employees height adjustable desks, they have the option to stand which provides an immediate surge of physical and intellectual energy.  Maintaining the energy during work definitely increases work productivity.Benefits of height adjustable desk2

  1. It increases life expectancy

Researches reveal that people who is more active and energetic live longer life than people who are “couch potatoes”.  Most of us know that sitting for long hours contributes to injuries and fat accumulation in our hearts, brains, and other vital organs.

Let’s bear in mind these following:

  1.   Sitting for long hours is bad, very bad, for your health
  2. Frequent movement keeps the muscles and circulation healthy
  3. A height adjustable desk allows you to effortlessly change your posture

Anyone who works behind a desk can very much benefit from height adjustable desks.

Choosing the best desk for a home

home desks1Everyone uses desks in their homes. Whether it is for studying, working, or having fun, home desks are essential furniture for our daily lives. A good or bad desk can spell the difference between being able to accomplish specific tasks or not. Therefore, selecting a desk that best fits a home and lifestyle is important.

Where to put a desk

The first and most important thing to keep in mind before getting a desk is where to put it in a home.

Is it at a corner or against a wall? Will it be in a large room or small room? These are basic yet important things that will determine what kind of desk is best.

For example, if the corner of a room is the selected place,then rectangular and L- shaped desks are two of the best options to choose from. Oval and circular desks are not advisable because they would not fit properly onto the corner.

Wooden desks complement the interior of a home and other furniture. Steel desks are great for a garage or basement.

Glass and plastic desks go well with a home that has a contemporary or modern theme.

home desks2Dimensions and Features of the Desk

Whether it is for typing in a computer, writing homework, reading a book, and many other things, it is clear that a desk’s primary functionality comes from the working surface it provides. Therefore it is important to always choose a desk that has an ample working surface, and additional storage features like shelves and drawers.

For example, a CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse are four major hardware components of a desktop computer. A good computer desk must be able to accommodate all of these essential parts without causing difficulty of use.

The height of the desk must also be tall enough to let both children and adults use it without physical discomfort or awkwardness in posture.

The desk must also have a stable construction and should be able to bear the weight of the various objects placed on top of it.

Type of Activity

Desktop computers and laptops have parts and circuits that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. And because glass and wooden desks are poor conductors of electricity, they are often used with computers and other electronic devices.

Metal or steel desks are more resistant to impact, chipping, and chemical stains, making them ideal for mechanical and crafting activities.

Features of Office Chairs That You Should Look for

office chairs5You should be meticulous when you shop for office chairs. It is because this kind of office furniture is really important. They provide comfort to each worn out employee. Nothing is more important than comfort in order for the employees to stay concentrated, efficient and productive. Here are the things that you need to look for when you shop for an office chair.

You have to sit on the chair. Any office furniture salesperson on his or her right mind would allow you to do so. This is the only way they can show you the comfort that the office chair is supposed to bring. This is your only way to know whether they are telling the truth that the office chair is really comfortable or not.

If the office chair is from an online furniture store, visit the nearest furniture shop or office supply store that offers the office chair that caught your eye online. This is to ensure that your body fits well into the seat. You have the option to buy it from the furniture shop or office supply store but shopping online would be a better idea. Why? It is because you can choose from a wide array of retailers or dealers that offer varying prices.

Aside from those, the office chairs you are going to buy should provide the best possible support for the arms, butt, legs, and back of the user. You can just simply observe the chair using your naked eyes because these features are physically obvious. You have to know that plastic chairs do not provide this kind of support. This is because these types of chairs do not follow or mold to the natural curve of the user’s spine.

office chairs4You also need to test whether or not the chairs are adjustable. The chair should have a knob or control buttons that would enable the user to raise or lower the chair. Aside from that, the office chair should have adjusting buttons or knob that would enable the user to raise and lower the back of the chair. Actually, almost all parts of an office chair ought to be adjustable.

Another feature of these chairs is thir length. The length of the chair should allow you to rest your feet on the floor. It should be low enough but not extremely low so that it would not result to more pressure and tension on the lower part of the body.

If there are features for the comfort of your legs and feet, there are also features for the relaxation of your arms. These are in the form of armrests. Almost all office chairs have armrests. Those which don’t have armrests are more of an accessory. Armrests have the added benefit of relaxing the shoulders. This feature plus the above-mentioned features should be present in the office chair you are going to purchase.

Things to Avoid When Office Space Planning

office space planning1Monthly sales are low.  Employees keep working double time but it seems like there is just so much work to do with so little time.  Low output means low income from you and that is just not good. You don’t see any problems with regard to your products and you know your employees are giving their best.  You know what? What you probably need is proper office space planning.

To help you start planning, it is best that you know the things that you should avoid:

  • More individual work space compared to shared work space.
    • Assess how much space each employee needs to allow them to work with ease.  Listen to their suggestions and take time to consider them.
    • You should consider that each of your employees should have a little amount of privacy while supporting ease of camaraderie among employees.
    • In addition, allot a work space where they can convene and work out as a team.  This will allow them to be more productive.
  • Low flexibility of the office space.
    • To save up on room and cost, you should keep in mind that some of areas in the office should be easily convertible in several instances when it is necessary.
  • Little to no source of natural light or outdoor view.
    • To ensure that your employees will not be stressed out, a good outdoor view is advisable.  This will also be cost effective on your part if you have plenty of windows that can allow ample amount of space planning2

What are other things that you need to consider when office space planning?

  • Make sure that you have more meeting spaces.
  • Set up a receiving area for visitors that will not expose your employees while they are working.
  • Your storage area should have enough filing cabinets so you can keep it organized and your employees will not waste precious working time by just locating several files.
  • Check if you have proper ventilation in your office.  This will also help in preserving the working condition of your equipment like computers, printers, and scanners.
  • Position your furniture strategically. You would not want them to become a hindrance to the smooth work flow.  Choose the furniture that you can move easily in case you would need to do redecorate.

Office space planning does not require that you have a degree in interior design but it will not hurt if you would consult one.

Everything you need to know about the office furniture

Office Furniture 8Office furniture is a type of executive furniture, which is used for making a decent office. However possessing such types of furniture is actually a basic necessity for all workers. There are many subdivisions in furniture group. This group contains different attribute like desks, chairs etc. There are many different types of desk present in the domain of desks like cornered desk, conference desk, computer desk etc. This attribute is a necessity because it is a symbol of decency, sophistication and style for any organization.

Using office furniture is also a matter of fun, because of its sleek and slender nature. These types of furniture are used for providing comfort to all the workers or employees in an office. Furniture is actually among the main factor, which can help in delivering an enjoyable and office type environment. The creation of this type of environment increases the productivity of the office because of higher comfort level, so the workers don’t feel any fatigue during busy working hours.  These factors help in producing a high quality work in less time and helps in completing the work before time.

Executive suites are also a place where different types of office furniture are used.  Executive suites need this different furniture because they act as a focus point for the company. These suites are used for meeting the clients, fixing deals and many official works. They are actually a mini image of the office. Therefore different types of elegant furniture are used in these suites for maintaining the standard of the office reputation. The tradition of these types of executive suites is used by different types of MNC’s in UK, USA and India etc.

Professionalism is as important factor to impress the clients and visitor. It is a feature which shows the capability and seriousness for the success of the organization. Using a glamorous and quality office furniture will support in projecting a look which will enhance the professionalism. These types of different furniture will help in appealing the consciousness of the business partners and the clients. This appeal will help in providing you the required respect and the business deal from the clients.

Apart from the creation of a spellbinding presence for the clients, there are various types of other benefits of office furniture. These types of furniture help in the following way:

  • Creating a large space between the client and the employers: this helps in a physical type of advantage for proper negotiations.
  • Providing a sufficient amount of space for putting all the paperwork and reports etc.
  • Decreasing the amount of space: generally desks in office of UK and other places possess many drawers, cabinets and various types of storage facilities.
  • Helps in organizing the work: this result in saving important time and increasing the concentration on the information and work.
  • Increase in the concentration levels: because of the sufficient space, the employees don’t feel any pressure. This also helps in making the right decision for the company.

Generally the reliability and durability depends upon the material of the furniture. Office furniture is made by using the top quality wood only. Sometimes various types of coatings are also done to protect it from sunlight, scratching and moisture. These physical elements can decrease the luster of the furniture.

Tips On How To Find The Right Office Furniture

Office Furniture 7If you are one of the many business owners who are planning on expanding their operations, then you will need to invest in quality office furniture. If you are moving up from being a simple family-run business to something a bit more professional, then you need to move your operations from your home into an office setting and hire a couple more employees to help with the workload; and when you hire employees, it is only fitting that you get them ample work areas.

There are more steps in the process of choosing office furniture than when you are buying furnishings for your own home. And, if you want to get the best that your money can buy, then you better follow these tips to the letter.

They should reflect the character of your company

The furniture that you buy for your company should reflect its personality. If you deal with children’s toys or video games, then furnishings that are vibrant and fun will represent your company well; not to mention that it will make the work environment look less stressful.

On the other hand, if you are dealing in products and services that are a bit more serious, like insurance claims or legal services, then you should pick furniture that has neutral undertones.

Office Furniture 6Form and functionality go hand in hand

Aesthetics is important when buying furniture, but functionality and comfort takes top priority. So before you purchase office furniture, you need to take into consideration the fact that your employees will be using them for hours upon hours each day, so they better be comfortable. Some of the things that you need to take into consideration are the amount of workspace on the desks, the chairs provide enough support for the user’s back, and others.

The amount of space available

Another important thing that you need to take note of is the amount of space that you have to work with. Fortunately, there are now modular office furniture sets that can easily maximize any amount of floor space, and still provide each employee with a comfortable working environment.

With these tips in hand, choosing the right office furniture will somehow become easier. You should never forget that the primary reason why you are buying furniture in the first place is so your employees can have a comfortable work environment; as long as you keep that in mind, you will surely make the right decision in the end.

Avoid the usual office furniture mistakes and your office will be as safe and comfortable as possible.